On-line Informal Korean



15USD /per hour for on-line lessons





Korean Basics

I will teach you useful basic Korean words and phrases. We will role play and practice having conversations with each word and phrase . You can also learn how to read Korean.

Everyday Korean

Knowing the individual definitions of words may not always help you to understand a native speaker.

In this lesson, you can learn not only common patterns but also idioms.

Korean Writing

I will help you improve your writing skills, and we will use your writing to increase your confidence when meeting new people.

I will use video clips that I’ve prepared for the lessons. I think that the material (quality) is very important when learning a new language. So I will provide you with some pictures and video clips that will hopefully inspire you during your language journey.

And you can contact me anytime if you have any questions or if you want me to correct your writing.

Look forward to meeting you soon!!

[For this online lesson, you need to install Skype on your PC or Phone.]